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Driver Instructor Training in Manchester


The Best Driving Instructor Course in Manchester

Develop your skills and become a DVSA approved driving instructor with first class training.

Let’s Learn School Of Motoring Ltd in Manchester, Sale, Altrincham are a team of fully qualified DVSA driving instructors who come up with intensive driving courses in Manchester to help and support aspiring instructors to pursue a career in this profession.

We provide a personal approach and tailor all training to suit your requirements while also ensuring we work at your pace.

With more than 10 years in business and 10 years’ experience, our grade A instructors have successfully helped many clients to pass the relevant instructor tests successfully completing our driving instructor courses in Manchester. Moreover, with our bespoke training, you won’t find any hidden charges, and we give you the opportunity to observe lessons between some of our most experienced driving instructors and learners.

The Uniqueness of Our Driving Instructor Courses in Manchester

The first and foremost point to note is that, being a driving instructor in Manchester or anywhere else is not anybody’s job. You need to have patience, an unparalleled knowledge and driving skill, the zeal to share your knowledge with the trainees and enough care and compassion.

Taking into consideration all these personality traits needed by a professional instructor, we have a pretty intensive driving driver instructor training course in Manchester. When you successfully complete the course and crack the test that implies you are prepared to take up a career in this profession. And so long as you have the zeal to work hard and get trained by the right trainer, cracking the test is a cakewalk.

Driving Instructor

What Driving Instructor Tests in Manchester Consists of?

The course comprises 3 tests that you need to appear in. You need to pass each of them within 3 attempts. Besides, you need to crack all the 3 tests within 2 years of passing the first exam – the 1st ADI tests.

Driving Instructor

The Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) Tests:

There are 3 ADI tests as per the UK norms that the incumbent needs to crack after completion of the driving mentor test in Manchester:

ADI Part 1: Theory & Hazard Perception Test: This test has similarity with the learners’ theory test.

ADI Part 2: Driving Ability Test: This also has similarities with the learners’ practical driving test that evaluates the practical driving skills and knowledge.

ADI Part 2 : Instructional Ability Test: This is a unique test that is applicable only for those pursuing a career of a driving mentor in Manchester like anywhere else in the UK, which evaluates the ability of the incumbent to provide lessons and instructions to the trainees.

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Rachel Winton

Jacqui was my instructor and she was brilliant! Very reliable and never let me down. I had a bumpy road learning to drive due to other schools and covid I was lacking in confidence. When I started lessons with jacqui she really helped me to build my confidence up. She knows the routes for test centres very well and we practised them a lot and she always asked what I wanted to work on. Jacqui will always let you know if you are doing something wrong and how to correct it and she will give credit where its due. I’d definitely recommend Let’s learn school of motoring. Fantastic service, I wouldn’t have passed without her ?. Thank you jacqui.

Lee Coates

Lionel was a great instructor. He worked to my speed and development, had excellent communication and resulted in a first time pass! Can’t recommend Lionel enough!

Maddie Howarth

Phil was recommended to my by a friend who was learning at the same time I wanted to start my lessons. I had all my lessons with Phil and I have had the best learning experience with him as my instructor! Phil is so friendly, patient, calm, kind and funny! I felt completely at ease with him teaching me and he kept me calm when I was stressed or worried. We always talked through my mistakes and he made every effort to praise my accomplishments, which really helped with my confidence! Phil has been so helpful throughout the pandemic to ensure I had all the information and guidance I needed. I am going to miss driving with Phil so much! I can’t recommend him enough! 11/10!

Naomi O'Kell

I started my driving lessons with Steve in July. Due to current Covid-19 everything that you expect was carried out. The car was cleaned before each lesson and masks were worn throughout. Steve is very thorougher driving instructor and teaches everything that is needed to pass your driving test. I would recommend not only Steve as an instructor but also Jackie and Bernard were fantastic with organizing a driving test when at the time I could not book due to the rules brought in with Covid-19. Thanks again for all your help.

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