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The Most Professionally Structured Driver Instructor Training Course in Salford

Selecting a driving instructor course is a unique ball game – different from selecting a normal driving course that is meant for future drivers. A driving instructor course is only about teaching the driving skills, but teaching them in depth, so much so that the incumbent is good enough to teach others subsequently. Also, it is all about developing perseverance, professionalism, patience and the mindset to train others. That’s you need to be cautious while selecting a driving school that offers driving instructor’s courses. With some of the most professionally structured driver instructor training courses in Salford and with over 10 years of experience under our belt, Let’s Learn School Of Motoring Ltd is the best name to turn to. 

Besides the courses, our driving mentors are our strength. We have in our team some of the best and the most qualified and skilled trainers, who would use all expertise and experience to educate and mould the trainees into some of the prolific driving instructors of the future. Thus, if you are looking forward to becoming the best mentor, enroll with your suitable driving instructor course in Salford.

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What Is the Uniqueness of Our Driving Instructor Course in Salford?

One of the most interesting highlights of our driving courses for instructors in Salford is that they are designed and formulated by the most qualified and seasoned experts who have taken into consideration the present day traffic and driving compulsions, and the present safety issues while structuring them. This makes the courses highly feasible and effective. 

Besides, the curriculum comes in packages of varying duration so that the aspiring trainees can select one as per their aspirations. They are scientifically fabricated, so much so that they cause no inconvenience. On the contrary they provide enough space to the trainees to feel at ease and master the skills with confidence and speed.

What our Driving Courses for Instructors in Salford include?

Our driving course in Salford for aspiring instructors feature all the latest and the most pertinent driving skills in detail along with the associated technicalities along with very latest traffic and driving rules and regulations in the UK.

They also deal in fairly details the mechanical anatomy of the vehicles, the major spare parts and their functions and the ways to maintain them and make the most of their use.

In short, our driving courses for instructors will go all the way help the trainees crack all the 3 Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) tests:

  • ADI Part 1 – Theory & Hazard Perception Test:
  • ADI Part 2 – Driving Ability Test:
  • ADI Part 3 – Instructional Ability Test:

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