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Customised Driver Instructor Training Course in Stretford

Let’s Learn School Of Motoring is the best driving school to turn to, if you are looking forward to undertaking a driving instruction course to make a career of a driving instructor. With over 10 years of experience and with the best mentors at your disposal, we offer the best driving course near Stretford. This makes us the most vetted diving school.

One of the most significant salient features of our service is that, we would offer courses that will help you have a career as a DVSA-approved Driving Instructor.

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Why is Our Driving Instructor Course in Stretford Unique?

Our driving instructor course in Stretford is all-encompassing. It is not only about mastering the driving skills, but also about providing the aspirants with a holistic knowledge about the mechanical anatomy of the vehicles. Besides, we also offer lessons about the traffic and driving rules prevailing in the UK. The main objective of our driving instructor course near Stretford is to prepare you technically as well as psychologically strong enough to pass the three stages of driving instructor test, viz:

  • Part 1: Theory Test
  • Part 2: Practical Driving Test
  • Part 3: Instructional Ability Test

How are Our Driving Instructors in Stretford Different?

One of the UPSs of our driving instructors is that they would use all their experience and acumen to gauge your intellect. They will take into account your grasping power, to fabricate training methods that will never leave you in any hurry or let you feel jittery. This customised approach will help you master the skills in your own way and pace. It finally helps you to crack your driving test at one go. This is where our driver instructor training course in Stretford will make a difference.

What are the Legal Requirements to be a Driving Instructor?

  • You need be the holder of your driving licence for a minimum of at least 3 years
  • Your licence needs to be in the same category that you are aspiring to be an instructor in
  • You cannot have 5 or more points on your driving licence
  • You must be at least 21 year old
  • You must have the ability to read a licence plate from at least 90 feet away (wearing glasses for doing this is fine)
  • You must not have any record of sexual, financial, violence or drug-related crime
  • You must not be debarred from working with children

So before you look for your suitable driving instructor course by using terms like ‘driving course near me’ you must know these points.

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