PDI Driving Instructor Training Altrincham

PDI Driving Instructor Training in Altrincham

To become a DVSA certified teacher, you will need to pass the final ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) test. But if you have not yet completed the final ADI test, you can still teach students in a driving school as a PDI (Potential Driving Instructor). That means, when you are a PDI, you are provided with a trainee licence. Moreover, during this period, you can gain the necessary experience before attempting the third and final ADI test. But if you are a PDI, you will get six months after which you will need to appear for the final exam. So, if you want to begin training your students now and prepare for the final test, join Lets Learn School of Motoring for the PDI driving instructor training in Altrincham.

We have the best trainers to prepare you for the ADI test. However, when you opt for the PDI training, our trainers will help you improve your skills rapidly so that you can pass the final test. Also, if you become a PDI, you will get a pink badge that indicates your current level.

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What’s included in Our PDI Training?

Our PDI driving trainers in Altrincham will provide you with numerous suggestions so that you can improve the teaching abilities that will help you to pass ADI part 3 exam without facing difficulties.

In the final test, the examiners will assess your lesson development and instructional capacity along with your vehicle manoeuvring skills. With that, they will also assess how well you take the necessary safety precautions during and before driving and how you can teach the same to your students. Therefore, these are a few things that our trainers will focus on during the PDI training session.

What Can You Do After You Become A PDI?

After you become a PDI, you will

  • Be able to train your students in a driving school for 6 months
  • Get a pink badge that signifies that you are just about to become an ADI
  • Be able to improve your skill for the final ADI test
  • Be able to get the necessary experience of teaching students in a driving school
  • Get the confidence to appear for the final ADI exam and pass the same

So, if you have passed the two ADI tests and want to become a qualified instructor by getting through the last one, enhance your skills with the PDI training course in Altrincham.

Become an ADI from a PDI by Training with Us

To become a PDI after passing two ADI tests and before appearing for the final one, join Lets Learn School of Motoring. You can book the training by clicking the ‘Book Now’ button or by calling us.

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