PDI Driving Instructor Training Irlam

PDI Driving Instructor Training in Irlam

PDI stands for Potential Driving Instructor. This is a trainee licence that is granted to those who have passed the first two ADI driving tests. Anyway, the good thing about this licence is that you can teach students in a driving school for six months after which, you will need to appear for the final ADI part 3 test. Therefore, if you want to get some teaching experience before appearing for the final test, a PDI licence is what you need to achieve. For that, you will need to get PDI driving instructor training in Irlam. But if you are searching for an institute that offers the training, connect with us at Lets Learn School of Motoring today.

Our trainers are highly proficient in preparing you for the ADI test. However, in PDI training, you will get to improve your skills so that you can pass the final test easily. Moreover, after becoming PDI, you will get a pink badge that indicates your current level.

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How Will You Become a PDI with the Necessary Training?

Our PDI driving teachers in Irlam will help improve your teaching abilities since this will be assessed in the final ADI examination. 

Since the examiners will mostly determine how you develop the driving lessons for your students and teach them the same, our examiners will help you get better at this area. Besides, they will also help improve car manoeuvrability and the safety precautions that you need to take during and before you start driving.

What Happens When You Become a PDI?

After becoming a PDI, you can

  • Join any driving school and teach students for 6 months
  • Get a pink badge that signifies your current level and that you are on your way to becoming an ADI
  • Become more confident before preparing for the ADI final test
  • Gain experience in teaching students and improve your instructional ability
  • Improve your overall driving skills and prepare lesson plans since these skills will be assessed in the final ADI test

So, if you want to become an ADI instructor and want to start your career in a reputable driving school, join our PDI training course in Irlam now.

Learn From the Experts and Pass the ADI Final Test Today

To become a PDI, take up the necessary driving training by joining Lets Learn School of Motoring. To book a session with our instructors, call us or click the ‘Book Now’ button for an online appointment.

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