PDI Driving Instructor Training Eccles

PDI Driving Instructor Training in Eccles

PDI stands for Potential Driving Instructor which is a trainee licence given to candidates who have already passed the two preliminary ADI driving exams. So, if you have this licence, you will be able to train your students as an instructor in a driving school for six months. Next, you will need to pass the final part 3 ADI exam. For this, you will need to get the required experience. But to get the same, you will need the required teaching experience and a PDI licence. At Let’s Learn School of Motoring, we will help you out with the same. So, you will not have to search for another provider of PDI driving instructor training in Eccles. You just have to get in touch with us so that we can guide you with the same.

Our instructors have the necessary expertise and they will prepare you efficiently so that you can pass the PDI test easily. Also during the PDI training, they will help you develop and improve your skills. This will help you pass the final ADI exam without experiencing issues. Then, after you become a PDI, you will get a pink badge indicating your position. The badge means that you are just a step away from becoming an ADI.

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How Will The PDI Training in Eccles Help You? 

Our PDI driving trainers in Eccles will help in the improvement of your training skills. They will also help enhance your skills since these will be tested by the examiner in the final ADI test.

Our instructors will teach you by following a lesson plan. They will follow this plan so that you can develop the necessary skills fast and teach your students impeccably. Our trainers will also show you the ways how you can improve as a trainer. They will provide you with their feedback and suggestions so that you can become an efficient instructor. Thus, after accumulating the necessary experience, you can teach your students safely in a driving training school.

Advantages of Becoming a PDI in Eccles

By becoming a PDI, you can

  • Become an instructor train at a driving school for 6 months
  • You will get a pink badge that will indicate your progress towards becoming a PDI
  • Gain the confidence to become a driving instructor and prepare better to pass the ADI final exam
  • Improve your driving training skills
  • Improve your competencies that will be teste in the ADI exam

To become an ADI instructor and get real-world experience, join our PDI training course in Eccles since it will be easier for you to get the temporary driving training badge.

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Pass the ADI Final Exam by Becoming a PDI

Join Lets Learn School of Motoring to become a PDI instructor before you become an ADI. Click the ‘Book Now’ button or call us to book an online appointment.